FM14 will work close together with Tallinn European School. Therefore our regulations had to be revised.

The subscription is now closed! We receiced over 300 Films from 46 countries! THANK YOU ALL OUT THERE!

FM14 Competition

Here you will find information about the FM14 competition itself. For technical info about the upload of movies, the subscription and the regulations plese check the menu on the left.

The deadline for sublissions is July 31, 2014. Here you will find bullet points, stating the most important facts and regulations regarding FM14.

  • Formula Mundi is no longer a just a festival. It will be a social platform and database for movies that deal with political and ecological changes within our societies. We start with it right now.
  • Films for FM14 should be submitted before July 31, 2014.
  • Constantly a prejury will choose the best submissions of a specific topic. These submissions are part of the official FM14 selection and are featured on our website.
  • The jury will select the overall FM14 winner in summer 2014.
  • The awarding ceremony and screening will take place 1st November 2014 at Tallinn European School.
  • We always seek cooperations with other festivals, institutions and NGOs that would like to cooperate in any possible way!
  • Formula Mundi will continue in the years to come.