FM14 will work close together with Tallinn European School. Therefore our regulations had to be revised.

The subscription is now closed! We receiced over 300 Films from 46 countries! THANK YOU ALL OUT THERE!



A) Key dates:

  • from today (July 01. 2013) on - Submission open
  • Deadline is July 31. 2014.
  • Official anouncement of Formula Mundi 2014 winner is 1. Nov. 2014

B) Categories:

  • Category 1 - submissions regardless of genre (documentary, short, narrative, ...) that deal with FM core topic.
  • Category 2 - "clip award" especially for schoold kids (individuals as well as group work). Topic: "my life in a multicultural environment".

C) How to submit your film:

  • Read the rules and regulations carefully, as you have to approve them in the end of the subscription.
  • There is no entry fee
  • Upload your film to any file exchange website (e.g.fileconvoy) as you need to provide a link later in subscription. Note that social media like Youtube, Vimeo or Facebook are not eligable and will not be considered. Therefore do not use Vimeo or Youtube to submit your film!
  • Beware that some file exchange services have a delete rule (e.g. fileconvoy hosts data 7 days max!).
  • We recommend to upload still images from your film along with your movie file.
  • Fill the Online Subscription Form available on the website.
  • The Jury chooses and invites the films which will be presented in the festival.

D) Formula Mundi (FM) Guidelines:

  • The festival entry is free and open to everyone.
  • Submissions will undergo the selection process according to their date of submission.
  • All rules apply to all applicants in the same manner, so no film is favored over another.
  • All music and artwork in the submitted films must be original, in the public domain or with the permission of the copy right owner.
  • Every filmmaker / director is allowed to submit only one film.
  • FM officials have the right to exclude a film that has been submitted two times by separate submitters.
  • Films must match the FM categories mentioned in paragraph B)
  • Films must be submitted online using our Subscription Form (see side menu). Shipping of entries is not possible.
  • Subscribers must keep in mind that the quality uploaded is the quality screened.
  • The quality affects the chance of participation significantly.
  • Films must be submitted in a resolution of at least DV/PAL 720 x 576 or higher.
  • Films must be submitted in one of the usual formats (e.g. .avi, .mov .mp4). DVD formats like VIDEO_TS.VOB are not allowed.
  • We reccomend to submit films in 16:9 or 4:3 ratio.
  • In case a submission does not include film stills, FM has the right to take stills for documentation or publicity purposes.
  • Films must have been produced 2005 or later.
  • Films that have been screened before are eligible.
  • Films that have been awarded before are not eligible.
  • Films must be either in English or contain English subtitles.
  • Subtitles need to be included in the movie file. External subtiltes by using for instance .srt files is not possible.
  • In case of missing or double indication, FM reserves the right to change submission category at their discretion.
  • FM officials are not responsible for incorrect wording in publications or on awards if the Subscription Form is incorrect.
  • FM officials have the right to exclude films that contain violence, racism, chauvinism or pornography.
  • Once submitted films can not be withdrawn by the submitter from the festival’s program.
  • Submissions can not be changed once the film is received.
  • FM officials have the authority to settle all cases not covered by the present rules but according to provisions of international regulations.
  • In case of violating the guidelines, FM has the right to exclude this respective film at any time.
  • Subscription to the festival means acceptance of your movie possibly been shown online on FM14 website.
  • Subscription to the festival means acceptance and agreement on all the regulations set out herein


E) Competition Awards:

  • The Formula Mundi Award - awarded to the one submission, that profoundly reflects the core intention and concept of FM14 festival.
  • All submissions undergo a selection process.
  • In justified cases the Jury is allowed to advertise a Special Jury Award or an Honorable Mention.
  • The Jury can not award more than one prize to the same film.
  • In justified cases an award can be shared between two films.
  • Jury members reserve the right to not grant an award.